Why book by using Stayforlong?

Why is it that when you stay for five nights in a hotel you’re treated the same way as the clients who only stay for one?

You’re the hotel’s most wanted customer.

You deserve a discount when staying for longer.

You deserve better advantages than those who only stay for 1 or 2 nights.

Welcome to Stayforlong.

More nights, more discounts!

Because we think it’s fair, that if you stay for more nights at the hotel, you pay less per night than someone who stays for only one or two nights.

We are in charge of negotiating with the hotels so that they offer advantages to those clients who stay for longer in the hotel.

Free cancellation!

Since these are not weekend getaways, and you are staying for more days, we try to get the hotel to let you cancel for free up to the latest date possible.

You will see that all our hotels have at least one offer that offers free cancellation.

The more you book, the more advantages you will be given!

Every time you make a reservation, you’re rewarded with money for the next one! It's as easy as that, no point accumulation or loyalty cards. If you make a reservation, you will accumulate money for your next holiday location!

It’s not all about the price!

Of course, we all want to pay the best price… But admit it, you don’t always like the cheapest offer! What you do like is the best offer!

In Stayforlong we don’t only want you to enjoy the best offer we can offer you for staying 3 or more nights, we also want you to enjoy your stay.

Therefore, on many occasions, we offer you free accessories such as an invitation to the hotel bar, a better room for the same price, or simply a fruit basket upon arrival ... Small details that will help you to enjoy your stay even more!